“Kitty’s science writing is concise, to the point, and digestible across professional and lay audiences.  With minimal input, Kitty is able to research the details and join the dots to provide quality outputs that are accurate to the brief.  For a busy researcher looking to maximise the general impact of a major facility like the Murchison Widefield Array, Kitty’s work is gold.”

            –Steven Tingay, John Curtin Distinguished Professor, Executive Director Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy, Deputy Executive Director International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research


“Kitty has assisted in foundational writing of a number of major national award documents and I have found her work to be outstandingly insightful, superbly constructed and she has formulated ideas and concepts that really matter in such documentation. She is a pleasure to work with – prompt, efficient and able to grasp even the most difficult of concepts with ease.”

            –Kingsley Dixon, Curtin Professor, Director of the ARC for Mine Site Restoration, 2016 WA Scientist of the Year


“I can not compliment Kitty enough! The quality of her work is impressive. I can’t thank her enough for helping to write the content for my new website. Her ability to grasp, understand and then write about a range of topics that are new to her is amazing. She works quickly to a deadline, produces writing that is thorough, complete and has the ability to turn ordinary writing into extraordinary writing. Thank you, Kitty! “

            –Dr Roslyn Franklin, Director Amalgamate


“Our small consultancy recently won the 2016 AWA WA Infrastructure Project Innovation Award in a joint submission with the Water Corporation. A key factor in winning this award was Kitty’s ability to craft a convincing award nomination that highlighted the key features and benefits of our project. We were very impressed with the high standard of her work and wouldn’t hesitate to engage her services in the future.”

            –Mr Eelko van der Vaart, Director One Stone Consulting


“Kitty’s greatest asset is her ability to take something highly technical and explain it in a way that makes perfect sense to the target audience. She has been a valued contractor to Curtin University for many years, and will continue to be.”

            –Mr Jarrad Long, Editor, Office of Corporate Relations, Curtin University


“Kitty Drok has worked with Curtin University’s Office of Research and Development on numerous occasions on a variety of major submissions including prize and award nominations, along with portfolios for submission to both government bodies and university organisations. Her scientific research background is invaluable both for the quality of work she is able to produce, and her ability to relate quickly and effectively to researchers across all disciplines. Her work is always of the highest standard, and is greatly appreciated by both the researchers involved and the Office of Research and Development. Of particular note has been the complexity and tight timelines associated with some of the tasks Kitty has taken on, requiring close contact with tens of researchers and offices around the university, and an ability to provide significant project management input in order to complete the required submissions. This has, without exception, been achieved with exemplary professionalism and efficiency, and also in good spirit. I hope and expect to be working with Kitty again in the future.”

            –Professor Brett Kirk, Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research, Office of Research and Development, Curtin University


“Kitty’s edits and suggestions improved the quality of our technical reports, receiving good feedback from our clients. I would highly recommend her professional service to others.”

            –Mr Paul Whittock, Senior Marine Scientist, Pendoley Environmental


“I would like to thank Kitty for her superb effort on EIA (Excellence in Innovation for Australia). Her talent and ability to extract a story is fantastic and we look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.”

            –Mr Charlie Thorn, Director Research and Development, Curtin University


“Kitty was an invaluable member of a small group of professionals I brought together to produce a case study publication showcasing student equity programs run in 37 universities across Australia.  She gave our publication consistency in language, tone and style.  This was a sizeable task considering the case studies were written by just as many authors.  In addition to her expertise and care, Kitty is easy to work with, warm, friendly and adaptable.  We look forward to working with her again in the future.”

            –Professor Sue Trinidad, Director, National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education


“Kitty has undertaken a number of projects for ChemCentre, focussing on delivering written documents. Kitty’s work is of the highest standard and she excels in taking complex information from a range of sources and presenting a final product that reflects ChemCentre’s brand and meets the needs of the end-user. Her experience and network of contacts were very valuable in the projects she has completed for us. She is highly professional and builds rapport with all stakeholders over the course of any project.”

            –Ms Sarah Lau, Communications Manager, ChemCentre


“Kitty has completed a number of major projects for CSIRO and ARRC. She delivers an exceptionally high quality of work.  Her science background is a huge asset as she is always able to take highly technical content and write it in a way that is easily understood by a non-technical audience.  She has a great rapport with the scientists and management which is evident through the work she does with our staff.”

            –Ms Jackie Walsh, Communications Manager, CSIRO Petroleum and Geothermal Research


“I have received two significant awards – the 2005 Alcoa Chairman’s Award and the 2006 Clunies Ross Award.  The award nominations were put together by Kitty from various material supplied to her by Alcoa of my various exploits during the last 27 years of my career with Alcoa and interaction with universities and scientific organisations.  Being able to fashion award-winning nominations from such meagre material speaks volumes of her ability at crafting a story in the best light possible within the given guidelines given of such award nominations.”

            –Gerald Roach PhD (Retired), formerly Extraction Technology Manager, Alcoa World Alumina, Australia


“I have been working with Kitty since early 2006 and have found her to be consistently pleasant in tackling all assigned tasks with total dedication and a smile.  I would personally like to express my appreciation of the high quality of work done by Dr Kitty Drok.”

            –Prof Hamid Nikraz, Head of Department, Civil Engineering, Curtin University


“Kitty Drok helped us edit our book called Tele-Ophthalmology.  The book was published by Springer (Germany).  The book was edited excellently by Kitty and made our work much easier.  She was able to put together, edit and format over 32 scientific papers written by a range of authors, many with English as a second language.  She established consistency of style and conformance with publication guidelines for Springer-Verlag.  She met all deadlines for publication and the final manuscript was of high quality.  Even Springer mentioned that it was much easier for them to edit the final version and less work with formatting, which made the publication of the book quicker.

Kitty was professional, easy to work with and I can confidently recommend Kitty to others.”

            –Prof Yogesan Kanagasingam, Research Director, The Australian e-Health Research Centre and Visiting Scholar, Stanford University School of Medicine


“Kitty has assisted me with a number of tasks over the years, including the editing of papers for submission to international journals, equipment requests and ARC grant proposals.  Many of these have resulted in positive outcomes such as successful grants, access to equipment and a significantly increased rate of publication.  On the numerous occasions I have worked with Kitty, she was a pleasure to deal with and responded in a timely and professional manner.”

            –Prof Hamid Nikraz, Head of Department, Civil Engineering, Curtin University


“Working with Kitty has the advantage that you are able to work with someone that technically can understand what you are talking about, indeed is very interested in what you are talking about, and she was able to turn my dictation into a coherent and readable document for others to use.   She is someone that is very good at meeting deadlines and keeps you on track to ensure those deadlines are met.”

            –Gerald Roach PhD (Retired), formerly Extraction Technology Manager, Alcoa World Alumina, Australia