About Transmogrify

Transmogrify is a specialist writing and editing consultancy working within the science and technology, education and resources sectors.

Leaving highly technical material with an editor who doesn’t understand the subject matter can be problematic, as errors of understanding and interpretation can easily creep in (never mind the use of industry-standard formalisms and jargon), resulting in substantial rework for the original author.

Similarly, a writer without a basic understanding of your subject will be hard-pressed to genuinely connect with your technical staff, and do their material justice in a feature article, promotional materials, or in your annual report.

Transmogrify is a consultancy owned and operated by Dr Kitty Drok. Kitty studied and worked as a research scientist in several leading universities and research organisations within Australia for over 12 years before establishing Transmogrify in 2000. Through understanding and speaking the language of technology and research, she now focuses on helping other scientists and engineers communicate with their target audience.

About Kitty Drok

kitty-drok-newKitty established Transmogrify after 12 years in tertiary education and research, having seen too many good projects languish due to poor communication and technology transfer to the target audience.

Kitty has a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours in Chemistry from The University of Western Australia, a Doctorate in Chemistry from the Australian National University, and has worked in resources and hydrometallurgical research at Murdoch University, CSIRO, and the AJ Parker CRC for Hydrometallurgy. During this time she authored many technical and industry reports, and presented research at numerous industry meetings and the occasional mining conference. She also has a Diploma in Desktop Publishing from the Australian International Correspondence School, and a Certificate III in Radio Broadcasting.

Since establishing Transmogrify in 2000, Kitty has provided scientific writing and technical editing services for a range of clients within the science and technology, education and resources sectors.